MARION, Ill. (WJPF) – A man is behind bars for bothering women in the parking lot of a Williamson County health clinic and then fighting with the police officer sent to investigate.

It happened Monday, March 6th, at SIH Urgent Care in Marion.

Marion Police say they were called after Keith Hendrix, 41, of West Frankfort, was seen driving around the clinic’s parking lot, trying to get the women that worked there to approach his car.

When a police officer arrived and approached Hendrix’s vehicle, Marion police say the 41-year-old refused to speak to the officer, would not identify himself, and kept his right hand hidden. Hendrix eventually charged at the officer, who used his Taser to no effect. A fight ensued in which Marion Police say Keith Hendrix tried to grab the officer’s gun.

While fighting, the officer was able to activate a remote control which opened the door of their squad car releasing a police K-9. With the help of the police dog, Keith Hendrix was taken into custody on charges including aggravated battery to a peace officer.