What is Your Job?

Making decisions. You’ll say ‘no, my job is a nurse at the hospital.’ NOPE, it’s making decisions, that’s it.

“Should I get up at 7:00 or 7:15?”

Each day, each of us faces a Rainbow, Crapstorm of decision making.

“Should I pass this guy before he kills me?”

Sometimes you think you are not in control, because somebody else’s decision was to make your decision making limited. Maybe a prior decision has robbed you of options.

“Should I keep the baby?”

Convoluted huh? No matter, thems the facts as far as I can tell. Don’t believe me? Look in any prison or parliament.

“Can I get away with..”

This is not a self righteous rant, merely an observation born in obsession.

“What am I gonna do next?”

The Decision before us all, is whether we to decide to stand up against BAD PEOPLE, bad decision-making humans, who, if left unchallenged, will leave nothing good in their wake.

“Who should I vote against?”

Historically, I can’t say we have made many good decisions as of late. I mean… don’t you feel certain bleakness about the future? That’s the whiff of bad decisions in the air.

Well, we have come to the end part where I tell you how it can be fixed and everything is going to be ok. Sorry, don’t know. I haven’t made the decision to be so egotistical as to believe I know. Unlike a hundred mindless talking heads on TV, nor the million yammering voices of the Internet….or the bureaucrats.

But I do have this. When the day, comes and you ask yourself the question:

“Should I give up?”…”Should I give in?”

You’ll Know When. Do Your Job! And say NO.

Do it firmly, frequently and teach the kids too.