John Bradley 10-24-2014

Democratic State Rep. John Bradley joins us from Marion Jr. High School to discuss the upcoming election.

Robert Perring 10-24-2014

Robert ‘Bob’ Perring joins us. He’s the Republican running for Jackson County Clerk.

Bill Kilquist 10-23-2014

Democrat Bill Kilquist joins us to talk about the race for Illinois’ 115th House District.

Tom Cross 10-23-2014

State Rep. and Republican candidate for Treasurer Tom Cross joins us to talk about his campaign.

Terri Bryant 10-22-2014

Republican Terri Bryant joins us to discuss the race for Illinois’ 115th House District.

Larry Reinhardt 10-22-2014

Democratic incumbent in the Jackson County Clerk’s race, Larry Reinhardt, joins us to talk about the campaign.

David Yepsen 10-21-2014

David Yepsen, Director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute, joins us to discuss new election polling numbers.

David Luechtefeld 10-21-2014

Republican State Sen. David Luecthefeld joins us to share his thoughts on the election.

Paul Schimpf 10-20-2014

Paul Schimpf, the Republican candidate running for Attorney General, joins us in-studio to discuss the campaign.

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins 10-20-2014

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, director of Marsy’s Law for Illinois, joins us to talk about the Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights, aka “Marsy’s Law.” The question will appear on the ballot in November.