Murphysboro man shoots would be home invader

A Murphysboro man, who was the victim of a violent home invasion in June, has defended his home from another would be attack.

According to police, it happened early Sunday morning when two juveniles stepped onto Ricky Smith’s front porch, started banging on the door, demanding to be let inside.

Smith refused, the pair outside the door persisted, eventually leading Smith to fire two shots through his door. One of the teenagers on the other side of the door was hit and is now in a St Louis Hospital. The other ran, but is now in custody.

Back in June, the same home was the target of a violent home invasion, where suspects held Smith’s wife at gunpoint. That break-in, police say, was not a random target. Police have not yet confirmed whether the same suspects that were responsible for the June break-in are responsible for the one Sunday night.