Tim Morthland: $700,000 embezzled from Morthland College and Morthland Health Services

In an exclusive interview with Newsradio WJPF, Morthland College founder and president Tim Morthland revealed that the financial troubles that have made headlines for the school in recent months are due to an embezzlement, of which he has “substantial proof.”

According to Morthland, it was in 2016 that the college and Morthland Health Services were made aware of a nearly $700,000 unpaid tax bill.

Morthland says a payment plan was put in place and he and other school leaders thought everything was fine until earlier this year when it was discovered that while the money was leaving the organization, the tax bill wasn’t being paid.

In the interview, Morthland revealed that evidence of the theft, in the form of “papers and reports” have been turned over to both Franklin County officials and the FBI.

According to Morthland, there are about a half dozen people who had access to the funds, adding though that official charges would be at the discretion of the authorities.

You can listen to the full interview with Tom Miller here.