Benton man arrested on attempted first degree murder charges

Authorities in Franklin County have finally arrested the man wanted in connection to a May 28, 2017 shooting in Benton.

47-year-old Alan Bennett, of Benton, was arrested on his warrant for attempted first degree murder Wednesday.

According to a news release from Sheriff Don Jones, it was at about 8:30 AM Wednesday when his office responded to the break-in call in rural Benton.

After arriving on the scene, officers found signs of forced entry at the home and soon after discovered 54-year-old Eva McPherson, of West Frankfort, who told officers that she was alone in the house and she had homeowner’s permission to be there.

After a search of the home, Bennett was found, with a handgun in his possession, hiding under a bed. He was subsequently arrested.

McPherson, the woman found with Bennett, has been charged with obstruction of justice.