Judge Deliberates in West Frankfort Chemical Attack Trial

A judge will likely rule Tuesday in the case of a West Frankfort man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire.

Prosecutors say Christopher Rollins of West Frankfort doused his girlfriend, 24 year-old Tessa Leech with a meth-making chemical back on August 20, 2012, then set her on fire, in accordance with statements he made saying he wanted to burn down his home with Leech inside.

Eyewitnesses including the State Fire Marshal, and Leech’s plastic surgeon took the stand to testify.

Rollins  waived his right to testify in his own defense. Judge Thomas Tedeschi will continue to hear testimony, evidence, and police interviews before handing down his verdict, which is likely to take place Tuesday morning.

Rollins remains in custody in the Franklin County Jail.