Bost Fires Back At Bradshaw Over Debate Issue

The Republican candidate for Illinois’ 12th Congressional District says a flap over a debate date in September was a simple scheduling conflict.

Mike Bost says he has an issue with Green Party Candidate Paula Bradshaw’s claim that Bost was the only one who couldn’t attend a debate in late September on WSIU-TV.

“There was a clash on my date, a clash on (Democratic Incumbent Bill Enyart’s) date, and then a clash just all over with WSIU.”

Bost says he was told WSIU-TV’s programming schedule only allowed a few opportunities for the debate to be held.

Bost did say Bradshaw was the only candidate available for all the dates discussed, but the discussion over the date in late September is just a distraction.

“While we’re busy talking about a debate date, we’re not talking about the real issues.”

One debate will be held October 8 at the Marion Cultural Civic Center and the other will be held October 29 at Lindenwood University in Belleville.

Bost, Bradshaw and Enyart are all vying for one of the country’s most vulnerable seats in the House.

Politico published an article ( stating Enyart is one of the top five most vulnerable incumbents up for reelection this year.