Murphysboro Responds To World War II Letter

Courtesy: Will Stephens

Courtesy: Will Stephens

Murphysboro, Ill. – Murphysboro residents have the chance to respond to a letter from a woman in France who says she vividly remembers the help of a soldier from the town during World War II.

Mayor Will Stephens says Lina Ely wrote a letter to his office in June, thanking Gene Riseling from Murphysboro and other members of the 3rd Infantry Division that helped liberate her town in 1944.

We have, with the help of Silkworm, got a banner made and it features a photo of Mr. Riseling as well as a statement of thanks from the city, and we’re asking residents to stop by the city hall and sign it, and we’re going to send it back on the 70th anniversary of their meeting.”

Residents have until August 20 to sign the letter at the Murphysboro City Hall building, located at 1101 Walnut Street.

Copies of the letter were provided by Stephens.

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