Schimpf: Madigan is “too partisan”

Paul Schimpf

Paul Schimpf

The Republican nominee for Illinois Attorney General has a list of reasons he’s different from incumbent Lisa Madigan.


The first of what Paul Schimpf is calling “Fourteen Reasons to Support a Retired Marine in 2014” is he will act on violations of privacy supposedly caused by the Affordable Care Act.  Schimpf claims Madigan is too partisan to argue against any part of the law.  He also claims that he wouldn’t as beholden to his own party’s policies.


“In an ideal world, the attorney general position would be a non-partisan election,” Schimpf said, “but we are the sum of our experiences and our connections, and Lisa Madigan really truly is the Democratic establishment.”


Schimpf says Madigan’s particular conflict with Obamacare involves her former campaign manager, Mike Noonan. Noonan worked as a consultant for a subcontractor tasked with getting Illinois residents enrolled in the health insurance marketplace.


Schimpf doesn’t expect to have the opportunity to debate Madigan on these issues, saying he wouldn’t expect Madigan’s advisers to allow her to share a stage with someone with “low name identification” like himself.




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