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Newsradio WJPF interview with Leslie Munger

Deputy Governor Leslie Munger joins Tom Miller on the Morning Newswatch.

Newsradio WJPF interview with Jason Ashmore

Sesser Mayor Jason Ashmore joins Tom Miller to discuss his campaign for re-election.

Newsradio WJPF interview with Ted Dabrowski

The Illinois Policy Institute’s Ted Dabrowski joins Tom Miller on the Morning Newswatch.

Newsradio WJPF interview with Ken Henderson

SIU Baseball Coach Ken Henderson joins Tom Miller on the Morning Newswatch.

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  • Tillerson to meet allies as NATO races to save talks March 25, 2017
    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will meet with NATO members next week in Brussels, officials said, as alliance diplomats worked to nail down the date. "We are currently planning to hold the meeting of NATO foreign ministers on 31 March. Consultations on scheduling among Allies are ongoing," a NATO official in Brussels said.
  • Sacramento man arrested in killing of 2 adults, 2 juveniles March 25, 2017
    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Police arrested a 56-year-old man who works for the state Friday on suspicion that he killed two adults and two children in a quiet Northern California neighborhood.
  • This is the secret to unclogging sinks and drains anywhere in your house March 25, 2017
    Okay, first things first: there is no miracle product that instantly clears any and every clogged drain. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Do you really think you pour some liquid down the drain in your sink and miraculously clear a fist-sized ball of hair in a matter of minutes? Newsflash... […]
  • Victim's husband appeals for calm after Wisconsin shooting March 25, 2017
    MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The husband of one of four people killed in a string of shootings by a suspect who is Hmong urged community members not to "get caught up in colors" in reacting to the attack.
  • Trump tastes failure as U.S. House healthcare bill collapses March 24, 2017
    President Donald Trump suffered a stunning political setback on Friday in a Congress controlled by his own party when Republican leaders pulled legislation to overhaul the U.S. healthcare system, a major 2016 election campaign promise of the president and his allies. House of Representatives leaders yanked the bill after a rebellion by Republican moderates and […]
  • 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Convertible March 24, 2017
    An American bad-ass goes topless.
  • 57 Dogs That Were Rescued From Kill Shelters Meet Their New Families For The First Time March 24, 2017
    A Texas-based nonprofit drove their trailer filled with rescue dogs to Illinois, where dozens of loving families were waiting to take their pup home.
  • Cuba's secret negotiator with US was president's son: cardinal March 24, 2017
    Cuban President Raul Castro's son, Alejandro, was the communist island's envoy for secret negotiations with the United States that led to the countries' historic rapprochement, a cardinal close to the talks said. Speculation had long swirled that Alejandro Castro Espin, the president's 51-year-old son, headed up the secret talks.
  • Plan to dig up President Polk's body _ again _ stirs trouble March 24, 2017
    NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — President James K. Polk did big things for America, dramatically expanding its borders by annexing Texas and seizing California and the Southwest in a war with Mexico. Achieving undisturbed eternal rest has proved more difficult.
  • Pete Souza joins chorus gloating over Trumpcare failure with epic Instagram March 24, 2017
    The schadenfreude online when Trumpcare collapsed for a second time was deafening. However, amid all the resurfaced Trump tweets and Art of the Deal jokes one troll stood out once again. Pete Souza, Obama's official White House photographer, added another Instagram post to his mammoth shade collection against Trump after the news broke Friday. SEE […]

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