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Newsradio WJPF interview with Rev. Teresa Smallwood

The Rev. Teresa Smallwood joins Tom Miller on the Morning Newswatch to discuss a proposal to legalize marijuana for recreational use.

Newsradio WJPF interview with Leslie Munger

Deputy Governor Leslie Munger joins Tom Miller on the Morning Newswatch.

Newsradio WJPF interview with Jason Ashmore

Sesser Mayor Jason Ashmore joins Tom Miller to discuss his campaign for re-election.

Newsradio WJPF interview with Ted Dabrowski

The Illinois Policy Institute’s Ted Dabrowski joins Tom Miller on the Morning Newswatch.

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  • Rep. Maxine Waters' no-holds-barred remarks find fans March 29, 2017
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Maxine Waters doesn't expect to pose for a photo with President Donald Trump anytime soon.
  • African woman targeted in fresh mob violence in India March 29, 2017
    A Kenyan woman was attacked Wednesday, Indian police said, in the same northern city where a mob had assaulted African students following the death of a local teenager from a suspected drug overdose. The woman was allegedly dragged out of a taxi and repeatedly slapped and kicked by unknown assailants as she returned to her […]
  • #BlackWomenAtWork hashtag uncovers the everyday racism black women face at work March 29, 2017
    The disrespectful and condescending treatment of two prominent black women in the U.S. has sparked a global hashtag campaign about everyday racism.  On Tuesday, Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly said he couldn't listen to Congresswoman Maxine Waters' latest speech about Trump because of her hair, which he called "a wig." Later that day, U.S. Press […]
  • How to Make Strawberry-Rhubarb Ginger-Chia Jam March 29, 2017
    This recipe takes less than 15 minutes to make, and the final product is a jam perfect to spread on toast, a nut butter sandwich, or healthy muffins.
  • This is the biggest Galaxy S8 leak yet March 29, 2017
    What, you thought the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ leaks would grind to a halt just because Samsung's new flagships are being announced later today? No chance. In fact, it looks like the best was indeed saved for last. With just hours to go before Samsung unveils the hotly anticipated Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, a […]
  • How to Stop ISPs from Selling Your Private Data March 29, 2017
    The Internet may seem like an apolitical entity, but the fact is, the United States government has a great deal of influence over it. On Thursday (Mar. 23), the U.S. Senate voted to overturn an important broadband privacy rule instituted under the Obama administration. Your ISP will continue to be able to collect and sell […]
  • How to make $10,000 traveling the world and staying in luxury homes March 29, 2017
    It's the final stretch for a competition that comes with a $10,000 jackpot and the chance to travel the world and stay in million-dollar luxury vacation homes around the world. 
  • Hong Kong-style waffles make their way to American weddings March 29, 2017
    ABC News' Charli James discovers a new sweet treat taking weddings and social media by storm.
  • South Korean media slam government over ferry 'remains' March 29, 2017
    South Korean authorities faced a deluge of criticism Wednesday for announcing that human remains had been found from the sunken Sewol ferry, only to correct itself within hours to say they were animal bones. Newspapers said relatives of the missing had been put through "heaven and hell", and accused the maritime ministry of recklessness. The […]
  • Felony charges for 2 who secretly filmed Planned Parenthood March 29, 2017
    LOS ANGELES (AP) — California prosecutors on Tuesday charged two anti-abortion activists who made undercover videos of themselves trying to buy fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood with 15 felonies, saying they invaded the privacy of medical providers by filming without consent.

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