Glen Carbon cemetery vandalism cleaned for Memorial Day

A manager at a southwestern Illinois cemetery said Sunday that most of the gravestones spray-painted with swastikas have been cleaned and are in good condition as families visit on Memorial Day.
Cleaners scrubbed the paint off most of the more than 150 markers since Saturday morning, when the vandalism was discovered, according to family services manager Jeanne Brunette for Glen Carbon’s Sunset Hill Cemetery.
The cemetery is nondenominational and there didn’t appear to be a pattern or names targeted to which gravestones were defaced.

Police in nearby Edwardsville announced on Facebook that a 34-year-old man was apprehended Saturday as the suspected vandal. They haven’t provided details, including what might have motivated his actions.

Several dozen volunteers showed up to help cemetery staff clean the gravestones, while others brought food for the workers
Edwardsville police reported that multiple homes in a subdivision were also vandalized, saying the same person may be responsible for both incidents.