CHICAGO (AP) -€” Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner has released his 2013 federal and Illinois income tax returns.

The returns show the multi-millionaire and his wife, Diana, earned nearly $61 million last year. He paid $17 million in federal and state taxes. That is a tax rate of about 27.5 percent.

The returns also show the Rauners donated more than $5 million to charity. That includes $1 million to Red Cross relief efforts after the Washington, Illinois tornado.

In releasing the returns late Friday, Rauner took an opportunity to take a shot at Gov. Pat Quinn. Rauner said he is independent of special interests, adding Quinn put self-dealing and cronyism ahead of the people.

Quinn has long called on Rauner to release his tax returns. He contends they may show conflict of interests.

A spokeswoman for Quinn is calling Rauner’s disclosure of his 2013 federal and state income tax returns inadequate. In her statement, Quinn campaign spokeswoman Brooke Anderson called the information “wholly insufficient and raises more questions than answers.”

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