WJPF Morning Newswatch

Ron Ellis 11-04-2014

Williamson County Commissioner Ron Ellis joins us on election night to discuss his victory.

Kevin Baity 11-04-2014

Carbondale City Manager Kevin Baity joins us to discuss the recent outcry against panhandling in the town and recent changes to the town’s ordinances regarding liquor establishments and adult entertainment.

Doug Kimmel 11-04-2014

Williamson County Airport Director Doug Kimmel joins us to talk about the recent groundbreaking of a new terminal at the airport.

David Yepsen 11-03-2014

David Yepsen with the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute joins us to share his thoughts on the day before the midterm election.

Dr. Suven Shankar 11-03-2014

Dr. Suven Shankar, a surgical oncologist, joins us to discuss the many procedures he performs, including breast cancer surgery.

Pat Quinn 10-31-2014

Governor Pat Quinn joins us just a few days before one of the most contentious gubernatorial elections in the country.

Michael Frerichs 10-31-2014

Democratic State Sen. Michael Frerichs joins us to discuss his campaign for Treasurer.

David Luechtefeld 10-31-2014

Republican State Sen. David Luechtefeld joins us to share his thoughts on the upcoming election.

Paula Bradshaw 10-30-2014

Green Party Candidate Paula Bradshaw joins us to discuss her campaign for Illinois’ 12th Congressional race.

Marcia Sinnott 10-30-2014

Marcia Sinnott with the Rotary Club of Carbondale joins us to talk about this year’s Great Pumpkin Race.