WJPF Morning Newswatch

Dr. Suven Shankar 11-03-2014

Dr. Suven Shankar, a surgical oncologist, joins us to discuss the many procedures he performs, including breast cancer surgery.

Pat Quinn 10-31-2014

Governor Pat Quinn joins us just a few days before one of the most contentious gubernatorial elections in the country.

Michael Frerichs 10-31-2014

Democratic State Sen. Michael Frerichs joins us to discuss his campaign for Treasurer.

David Luechtefeld 10-31-2014

Republican State Sen. David Luechtefeld joins us to share his thoughts on the upcoming election.

Paula Bradshaw 10-30-2014

Green Party Candidate Paula Bradshaw joins us to discuss her campaign for Illinois’ 12th Congressional race.

Marcia Sinnott 10-30-2014

Marcia Sinnott with the Rotary Club of Carbondale joins us to talk about this year’s Great Pumpkin Race.

Eric Thorsland 10-29-2014

Democrat Eric Thorsland joins us to discuss his campaign for Illinois’ 15th Congressional District.

Dr. Kent Redfield 10-29-2014

Dr. Kent Redfield, an emeritus professor of political science at the University of Illinois Springfield, joins us to share his thoughts on the election.

Mike Bost 10-28-2014

Current State Rep. and GOP challenger in the race for Illinois’ 12th Congressional District, Mike Bost, joins us to discuss his campaign.

Bob Butler 10-28-2014

Marion Mayor Bob Butler joins us to discuss the upcoming election and his own reelection campaign in next year’s municipal elections.