WJPF Morning Newswatch

Ed Crisler 09-10-2014

Computer Ed joins us to discuss the Home Depot credit card breach and the new Apple iPhone products.

Dr. Jeff Ripperda 09-09-2014

Dr. Jeff Ripperda joins us to discuss a new virus that has hit several states, including Illinois, and the dangers the virus poses, especially to children.

Vic Ritter 09-09-2014

Herrin Mayor Vic Ritter joins us in studio.

Annette McMichael 09-08-2014

Annette McMichael with Southern Illinoisans Against Fracturing Our Environment (S.A.F.E.) joins us to explain the group’s reaction to the new rules on hydraulic fracturing.

Bill Enyart 09-08-2014

Democratic Congressman Bill Enyart joins us to explain his side of the debate issue in regards to the 12th Congressional race.

John Shimkus 09-05-2014

Congressman John Shimkus joins us to discuss the situation in Iraq with Islamic State, the return to Congress next week and his reelection campaign.

Ed Davis 09-05-2014

Ed Davis with Veterans on Parade joins us to discuss this Saturday’s event.

Marc Miller 09-04-2014

Marc Miller, director of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources joins us to discuss the new fracking rules.

Dr. Michael Dreith 09-04-2014

John A. Logan College President Michael Dreith joins us to discuss a drop in enrollment and growing problems for the college.

Dr. Paul Sarvela 09-03-2014

Interim SIU-C Chancellor Dr. Paul Sarvela joins us to discuss the first enrollment increase – albeit a small one – in a decade.