WJPF Morning Newswatch


Jennifer Pritchett 03-02-2016

Tom Miller sits down with Jennifer Pritchett, Democratic candidate for Williamson County Circuit Clerk.


Mike Henry 03-01-2016

Tom Miller discusses the growth and development of Carbondale with Mayor Mike Henry.

Kochan, Angie

Angie Kochan 03-01-2016

Tom Miller sits down with Williamson County Circuit Clerk Angie Kochan to discuss her bid for re-election.


Steve Frattini 02-29-2016

Tom Miller sits down with Herrin Mayor Steve Frattini to discuss the state’s reimbursement of fuel and cell phone tax revenues, among other topics.

Congressman John Shimkus

John Shimkus 02-29-2016

Tom Miller speaks with Congressman John Shimkus about his bid for re-election.


Kevin Sylwester 02-26-2016

Dr. Kevin Sylwester, Associate Professor of Economics at SIU joined Tom Miller in the studio and discussed the potential financial and economic events of the state as well as “need to know” elements of financing.


Kyle McCarter 02-26-2016

State Senator and Republican candidate running for Congress, Kyle McCarter spoke with Tom Miller this morning about what he will bring to the table against the incumbent John Shimkus.

IL State Rep. John Bradley (D-Marion)

John Bradley 02-25-2016

Tom Miller sits down with IL State Rep. John Bradley (D-Marion) to discuss the financial condition of Illinois before the budget impasse reaches eight months in length.


Kathy Renfro 02-25-2016

Tom Miller sits down with Kathy Renfro, Executive Director of the Carbondale Park District, to discuss the upcoming “Glow Blue” campaign.


Jeff Mays 02-24-2016

Tom Miller sits down with Jeff Mays, Director of the IL Dept. of Employment Security to discuss an upcoming luncheon being held on Thursday, hosted by the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute.