WJPF Morning Newswatch

Bob Butler 07-22-2014

Marion Mayor Bob Butler joins us to discuss the latest in Marion, including the next phase in a major construction project on Route 13.

J.R. Russell 07-22-2014

J.R. Russell with the Marion Ministerial Alliance and the Marion Food Pantry, joins us to discuss their upcoming “Will Rock For Food,” concert featuring The Fixx.

Sheila Simon 07-21-2014

Democratic candidate for Comptroller, Sheila Simon, joins us to discuss the campaign and video of the current Comptroller asking Governor Pat Quinn for a favor involving her son and SIU.

Ron Ellis 07-21-2014

Williamson County Commissioner Ron Ellis joins us to talk about a problem with the supply of materials used to eliminate ice on the roads available this winter.

Adam Andrzejewski 07-21-2014

Adam Andrzejewski with the group For The Good Of Illinois joins us to discuss last week’s hearings on Governor Pat Quinn’s troubled anti-violence program.

Will Stephens 07-18-2014

Murphysboro Mayor Will Stephens joins us to talk about the town, including renovations to Walnut Street, the Big Muddy River Overpass and a banner he wants residents to sign in response to a woman who wrote to the

Mike Chylewski 07-18-2014

Mike Chylewski, vice president of Care Trak International based in Murphysboro, joins us to talk about their product that helps keep track of people prone to wandering, like autistic children.

Dr. Paul Sarvela 07-17-2014

SIU Acting Chancellor Paul Sarvela joins us in-studio.

Adam Andrzejewski 07-17-2014

Adam Andrzejewski with For The Good of Illinois joins us to talk about the hearings into the Neighborhood Recovery Initiative and Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s role in the troubled anti-violence program.

Mike Bost 07-16-2014

State Rep. and Congressional Candidate Mike Bost joins us in studio.