WJPF Morning Newswatch

Kevin Baity 08-05-2014

Carbondale City Manager Kevin Baity joins us to discuss the new fire station opening and the influx of students coming to town for the upcoming semester at SIU.

Brandon Phelps 08-04-2014

Democratic State Rep. Brandon Phelps joins us to discuss concealed carry and fracking.

Tom Cross 08-04-2014

Republican State Rep. and candidate for treasurer Tom Cross joins us to talk about the state’s finances.

John Shimkus 08-01-2014

Congressman John Shimkus joins us to talk about progress on immigration reform and other pieces of legislation ahead of Congress’ recess.

Walter Wendler 07-31-2014

SIU Architecture Professor and former chancellor Walter Wendler joins us to discuss the rising popularity of distance education and online learning and the problems that come with schools that offer such programs.

Dan Linn 07-31-2014

Dan Linn, executive director for NORML Illinois, joins us to discuss medicinal marijuana in Illinois and the push for full legalization in the U.S.

Dr. Erica Kaufman 07-30-2014

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Erica Kaufman joins us to discuss West Nile Virus.

Dick Durbin 07-29-2014

Senator Dick Durbin joins us to discuss what will and won’t happen this week in Congress before lawmakers take a long recess.

David Yepsen 07-29-2014

David Yepsen with the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute joins us to discuss the gubernatorial race.

Annette McMichael 07-28-2014

Annette McMichael with the group Southern Illinoisans Against Fracturing Our Environment (SAFE) joins us to talk about the group’s opposition to hydraulic fracturing.