WJPF Morning Newswatch

Mike Bost 08-20-2014

State Rep. and Congressional candidate Mike Bost joins us to discuss the campaign, including issues like voter turnout.

Jack Langowski 08-19-2014

Jack Langowski, chairman of the Carbondale Downtown Advisory Committee, joins us to discuss upgrading the downtown area ahead of Wednesday’s public meeting on renovating downtown Carbondale.

Paul Schimpf 08-19-2014

Paul Schimpf, the Republican candidate for attorney general, joins us to talk about his campaign.

Ed Yohnka 08-18-2014

Ed Yohnka, the Director of Communications and Public Policy for the American Civil Liberties Union joins us to discuss the militarization of local police forces.

John Bradley 08-18-2014

State Rep. John Bradley joins us to discuss the upcoming elections and politics in Illinois.

Billy Gilman, Steve Hornbeak 08-15-2014

Country musicians Billy Gilman and Steve Hornbeak joins us to discuss their upcoming performance at the Union County Fair.

Rich Whitney 08-15-2014

Rich Whitney, director of Illinois’ Green Party joins us to discuss the party’s candidates in the November election.

Dr. Joyce Griffin 08-14-2014

Dr. Joyce Griffin joins us to discuss suicide, depression and how to address both in the wake of Robin Williams’ death.

Jon Musgrave, Amy Erickson 08-14-2014

Historian Jon Musgrave and Herrin Massacre Tour organizer Amy Erickson join us to talk about the Herrin Massacre Tour.

Rex Budde 08-13-2014

CEO of Southern Illinois Healthcare Rex Budde joins us to talk about recent updates and expansions at local healthcare facilities along with a possible shortage of nurses.