WJPF Morning Newswatch

mike henry

Mike Henry 04-14-2016

Carbondale Mayor Mike Henry and Tom Miller of WJPF discussed the concerns of citizens of Carbondale and the surrounding communities about the number of violent events that occurred in the city within the last couple of months.

IL State Rep. John Bradley (D-Marion)

John Bradley 04-12-2016

Illinois Representative John Bradley joined Tom Miller over the phone to discuss the state budget and whether legislators are agreeing on proposals in time for the planning of FY17’s budget.


Dr. Jeffrey Ripperda 04-13-2016

Dr. Jeffrey Ripperda spoke with Tom Miller about the obesity rise in Americans, and how you can combat it.

State Representative Terri Bryant (R-Murphysboro)

Terri Bryant 04-12-2016

Illinois Representative Terri Bryant spoke with Tom Miller as she returned from Springfield and discussed her bill referred to as Molly’s Law, named after the late Molly Young and is proposed to amend the Freedom of Information


Dave Luechtefeld 04-12-2016

State Senator Dave Luechtefeld spoke with Tom Miller about lack of funding for K-12 schools  and higher education, and whether lawmakers are working on the budget for FY17 while they’re struggling with this year’s state budget.


Rick Linton & Tom Vaughn 04-11-2016

Rick Linton is with the Rend Lake Tourism Council and Tom Vaughn is Chairman of the Franklin County Board. They both joined Tom Miller in the studio to discuss the increased marketing and growth of Rend Lake


Joey Watson 04-11-2016

Illinois State Trooper Joey Watson spoke with Tom Miller over the phone regarding road safety issues during constructions.


Dr. Jeff Lehman 04-08-2016

Allergy season is upon us. Dr. Lehman is the allergist and immunologist at SIH Medical Center. He spoke with Leigh Caldwell of WJPF to explain some tips on how to deal with seasonal allergies as well as


Dr. Linda Chous 04-08-2016

Dr. Chous is the Chief Eye Care Officer of United Healthcare. She spoke with Leigh Caldwell of WJPF to talk about how watching 3D movies can help detect vision problems.


Steve O’Keefe 04-07-16

Steve O’Keefe is the Marketing Director of John A. Logan College. He joined Leigh Caldwell in the studio to discuss how the community college is functioning without state funding for the ninth month in a row.