WJPF Morning Newswatch

Brent Gentry 07-21-2015

Tom Miller speaks with Brent Gentry about his decision to run for another term as Williamson County Commissioner.

Dr. Russell Friedman 07-20-2015

Tom Miller speaks with Dr. Russell Friedman of the Grief Recovery Institute (https://www.griefrecoverymethod.com/) about what happens when a person loses a pet, and what that person should do in order to deal with the emotion.

John Shimkus 07-20-2015

Tom Miller and Congressman John Shimkus (R-Collinsville) discuss the ramifications of the new Iranian nuclear agreement.

Randy Dunn 07-17-2015

Michael Roberts sits down with SIU President Randy Dunn to discuss the ongoing search for a new Chancellor, as well as some demolition going on around campus, and the current financial state of the university system.

Mike Brown 07-16-2015

Michael Roberts discusses the possibility that every city could have its own internet service by becoming a “gigabit city.”

Leigh Caldwell 07-16-2015

Michael Roberts and Leigh Caldwell sit down to discuss the revitalization of newspaper services in West Frankfort, after the closure of the West Frankfort Daily American.

David England 07-15-2015

Michael Roberts sits down with David England, a retired Associate Professor of Finance at John A. Logan College to speak about his gentleman’s wager with CNBC’s Jim Cramer, the effect Greece’s instability is having on the market,

Shawlyn Dungan 07-15-2015

Michael Roberts speaks with Shawlyn Dungan, organizer of the Carterville Blue Line Network, about the group’s efforts to improve relationships between Carterville Police, their family members, and the community.

Sam Kuhnert 07-14-2015

Michael Roberts and Sam Kuhnert with NubAbility Athletics speak about the upcoming NubAbility All-sport camp for limb-different child athletes.

Rex Budde 07-13-2015

Tom Miller sits down with Woody Thorne of SIH as well as SIH CEO Rex Budde to discuss the Affordable Care Act’s impact on healthcare costs after the legislation was upheld by a Supreme Court ruling.