Legislation Introduced To Help Grand Tower Levee

Two state lawmakers are proposing legislation to fix the levee system in Grand Tower.
State Representative Mike Bost and State Senator David Luechtefeld are proposing legislation that would allow bonds approved in 1994 to be sold to help fix the levee.

Bost says the levy is breaking and if the high-pressure side of the levy ever fails, it could be dire.

“We'll lose the homes of those 700 residents, we'll lose an uncounted amount of acreage of farm land, we'll wipe out Route 3 and a major railroad line," Bost sats. "We must get this passed.”

The county board approved $1.7 million in bond sales in 1994, but only around $100,000 was sold before state law was changed, forcing the referendum to expire. Bost says a local bank is willing to buy the rest of the bonds.

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