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Kentucky University With Ties To JALC Plans To Shut Down

04/16/14 08:49 AM
Mid Continent University will be shutting down.

Saline County Board Approves Peabody Mine Proposal

04/16/14 08:47 AM
Saline County officials have approved a proposal from Peabody to altered Rocky Branch Road.

Rauner, Quinn Release First Quarter Campaign Finance Reports

04/16/14 08:35 AM
Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn and Republican gubernatorial challenger Bruce Rauner have filed their latest campaign reports with the state.

Lawmakers Order Study On Quinn Spending

04/16/14 08:34 AM
Illinois lawmakers have ordered a study into anti-violence and after-school spending under Gov. Pat Quinn.

Rutherford Asks Judge To Toss Out Sexual Harassment Claim

04/16/14 08:32 AM
Lawyers for Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford are asking a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit by an ex-employee alleging sexual harassment and forced political work on state time.

Man Pleads Guilty To Trying To Set Wife On Fire

04/16/14 08:30 AM
A man will be sentenced in July after pleading guilty to felony charges linked to an attempt to kill his estranged wife in a fire.

Mistrial Ordered Again In Murder Case

04/16/14 08:26 AM
A judge has declared a mistrial in the case of a man accused of a Carbondale slaying more than seven years ago.

Long-Term Unemployed Stay Unemployed With Benefits Ending

04/15/14 08:30 AM
State unemployment officials say that 87 percent of all the people in Illinois who lost their long-term federal unemployment benefits in December remained out of work a month later.

State's Debt Is Worse Than Reported

04/15/14 08:27 AM
The state’s debt is worse than it appears, according to an accounting group.

Marion Raises Hotel Tax

04/15/14 08:25 AM
City officials in Marion voted to raise the town’s hotel tax.

Steely Dan Signs On To Play State Fair In Springfield

04/15/14 08:21 AM
Grammy Award-winning rock band Steely Dan will play this year's Illinois State Fair.

Second Man Accused Of Murder In Union County

04/15/14 07:58 AM
A second man is in custody for an alleged murder in Union County.

Lacy Murder Trial Underway Again

04/15/14 07:57 AM
A trial for a man accused of killing a woman more than seven years ago in Jackson County is underway.

Gas Station Owners Voice Opposition To Fuel Tax Hike

04/14/14 08:04 AM
Illinois gas station owners are speaking out against proposals for a fuel tax hike being floated in Springfield this year.

Scott Air Force Base Airshows A Thing Of The Past?

04/14/14 08:02 AM
Regularly scheduled air shows are unlikely to return to Scott Air Force Base in southwestern Illinois because of deep Pentagon spending cuts.

Durbin Puts Pressure On E-Cig Industry

04/14/14 07:56 AM
U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin says he plans to discuss a Congressional investigation into the marketing of electronic cigarettes.

$52 Million For Alternative Transportation Projects

04/14/14 07:54 AM
Illinois officials say more than $52 million in federal funds will be invested in local alternative transportation projects.

Man Arrested For Murder

04/14/14 07:51 AM
In Union County, a man is in custody for murder.

Three Men Arrested For Shooting

04/14/14 07:49 AM
Three people are in custody for a shooting on the Carbondale strip last week.

Mistrial For Corrections Officer Accused Of Sexually Abusing A Child

04/14/14 07:47 AM
In White County, a judge has declared a mistrial for a corrections officer accused of sexually assaulting a four-year-old girl.

Gubernatorial Candidates Meet Together For First Time in 2014

04/12/14 08:14 AM
Democratic Governor Pat Quinn and Republican Bruce Rauner have attacked one another for their record and positions on education.

Gubernatorial Candidates Meet Together For First Time in 2014

04/12/14 08:14 AM
Democratic Governor Pat Quinn and Republican Bruce Rauner have attacked one another for their record and positions on education.

Shooting Injures One In Carbondale

04/11/14 09:44 AM
One person is injured and in the hospital after a shooting early Friday morning on the Carbondale strip.

Legislative Roundup - April 11

04/11/14 09:35 AM
Take a look at what lawmakers acted on Thursday.

Lawmaker Makes Racial Remark During Debate

04/11/14 08:28 AM
A State Representative is apologizing for racial remarks made on the House floor.

Study Shows Problems With Students Suffering Concussions

04/11/14 08:17 AM
A survey of school nurses suggests most Illinois schools don't have protocols for when to allow students who've suffered concussions back into the classroom.

Quinn, Rauner Scheduled To Appear Together For First Time

04/11/14 07:58 AM
Gov. Pat Quinn and his GOP rival, Bruce Rauner, are scheduled to appear together for the first time in the 2014 campaign for Illinois governor.

Varughese's Death Under Review From State's Attorney

04/10/14 08:28 AM
An investigation into the death of an SIU student is now being reviewed by the Jackson County State’s Attorney’s office.

Two Arrested For Burglary And Theft

04/10/14 08:26 AM
In Franklin County, two men face burglary and theft charges.

EPA Officials Discuss Land Use Issue In Carbondale

04/10/14 08:25 AM
Officials with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency met with Carbondale residents to discuss a plan to use the old Koppers Wood-Treating Plant site.

Herrin Officials Apologize To H-Group

04/10/14 08:23 AM
City officials in Herrin are apologizing to the H-Group for denying the group a home.

Quinn Announces $8.6 Billion Road Project

04/10/14 08:21 AM
Gov. Pat Quinn says a new $8.6 billion construction program will improve roads and bridges throughout the state.

Legislative Roundup - April 9

04/10/14 08:03 AM
Lawmakers acted on several pieces of legislation Wednesday.

Wall Pleads Guilty To Assisting A Murder

04/09/14 08:29 AM
In Perry County, a woman is pleading guilty to her role in the murder of a teenager.

Teenager Dies In House Fire

04/09/14 08:25 AM
Authorities say a teenager died in a house fire near Brookport.

Man Pleads Guilty To Making False Threats

04/09/14 08:24 AM
A man from Sesser has pleaded guilty to lying to federal officials and making up threats.

Police Investigate Armed Robbery In Mt. Vernon

04/09/14 08:22 AM
Police in Mt. Vernon are investigating an armed robbery.

Officials Move Forward With Carbondale Downtown Plan

04/09/14 08:18 AM
Carbondale city officials will hire a consulting firm to help create a master downtown development plan.

West Frankfort Downtown Improvements

04/09/14 08:14 AM
A southern Illinois town is taking the first steps to revitalize its Main Street.

Legislative Roundup - April 8

04/09/14 08:02 AM
Legislators acted on several bills, including voter rights, storm shelters in schools and the education formula.

Illinois Receives Millions Of Dollars For Wildlife

04/09/14 07:49 AM
Illinois is set to receive millions of dollars from a federal agency for fish and wildlife conservation efforts.

Lacy Set To Begin Murder Trial Again

04/08/14 08:22 AM
A murder suspect is scheduled to appear in Jackson County Court Tuesday.

Poll Shows Voters Favor Term Limits

04/08/14 07:57 AM
Six in ten Illinois voters strongly favor term limits for state legislators, according to the most recent statewide poll from the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University. When the pollsters included those who somewhat favor term limits, that number climbs to nearly eight in ten.

Legislative Roundup From April 7

04/08/14 07:52 AM
Lawmakers acted on several different proposals Monday. Here's a list of items from The Associated Press.

Group Pushes Progressive Tax

04/08/14 07:46 AM
A progressive tax watchdog group is releasing a new report that says rolling back Illinois' temporary income tax increase as scheduled would hurt small businesses.

Old King Coal Named

04/08/14 07:45 AM
73-year-old Jim Hall has been named the 2014 Old King Coal.

Man Extradited To Jackson County On Murder Charges

04/07/14 08:36 AM
A man accused of killing a Missouri woman has been returned to southern Illinoisto face charges of first-degree murder.

Juveniles Arrested For Vandalism

04/07/14 08:34 AM
Police who were eager to find who vandalized wet concrete in Carrier Mills were able to easily find the suspects.

Menard On Lockdown, Could Be 'For Days'

04/07/14 08:32 AM
A state prison spokesman says the lockdown of Illinois' largest maximum security prison will continue "for days" after a cache of crude weapons and homemade alcohol was found there.

Commission Discusses Reduction Of Local Government

04/07/14 08:27 AM
A commission concludes Illinois lawmakers should make it easier to reduce local government boards and agencies but shouldn't force communities to do so if they don't want to.

$16.5 Million Going Towards Illinois Parks

04/07/14 08:23 AM
The state of Illinois will spend $16.5 million for improvements to local parks and open space projects.

Quinn Lt. Gov. Candidate Takes New Job

04/07/14 07:58 AM
Illinois lieutenant governor candidate Paul Vallas has taken a new job with a Chicago-based consulting firm.

Bill Proposes Lowering Fees For Senior Hunters And Fishers

04/07/14 07:55 AM
A proposal that would lower the cost of fishing and hunting licenses for seniors is moving through the Illinois Legislature.

Republican Rauner's TV Ad Features Democrat Wife

04/05/14 08:54 AM
Gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner is using a new television ad also featuring his wife to portray himself as a Republican who can work with Democrats.

Police Rescue Man From Car In High Water

04/05/14 08:51 AM
Jackson County deputies rescued Gregory S. Prather Friday morning on East Dogwood Road.

Man Leads Police On Chase On Stolen ATV

04/05/14 08:48 AM
Thirty-seven-year-old Clinton W. Waters of DuQuoin is lodged in the Jackson County Jail.

Simon Discusses School Funding Bill

04/05/14 08:44 AM
Lt. Gov. Sheila Simon says Senate Bill 16 addresses the inequity in funding for K-12 schools statewide.

Marion Man Charged With Neglecting Animals

04/04/14 08:15 AM
Forty-three-year-old Lonnie R. Mueller Jr. will have an arraignment hearing on May 15.

Marion Man Charged With Neglecting Animals

04/04/14 08:13 AM
Forty-three-year-old Lonnie R. Mueller Jr. will have an arraignment hearing on May 15.


Eldorado Man Heading To Prison For Making Meth

04/04/14 07:54 AM
Thirty-five-year-old Donald W. Crisp could see six to 30 years in prison and pay a $200,000 fine.


IL EPA Plans Household Hazardous Waste Pickup

04/04/14 07:20 AM
Shawneetown is one of eight sites across the state participating in this event. 

Bill Banning Smoking At Colleges Passes IL House

04/03/14 09:08 AM
The "Smoke Free Campus Act" passed the chamber by a 67-44 vote Wednesday.

Varughese's Family Comments On Toxicology Report

04/03/14 08:33 AM
The family of Pravin Varughese has seen the toxicology report and nothing in it says the SIU student was drunk nor high the night he died in February.

Varughese's Family Comments on Toxicology Report

04/03/14 07:56 AM
The family of Pravin Varughese says the toxicology report shows that he was not drunk nor high the night he died in February.

Environmentalists Want Stricter Coal Regulations

04/03/14 07:49 AM
Illinois environmentalists are calling for stricter regulations and better enforcement of existing rules for coal mines.

Long-time West Frankfort Educator, Civic Leader Dies

04/03/14 07:28 AM
L. Goebel Patton died Tuesday at the age of 100.

Long-time West Frankfort Educator, Civic Leader Dies

04/03/14 07:25 AM
L. Goebel Patton died Tuesday at the age of 100.

IDNR To Reform Coal Mine Permit Process

04/02/14 08:47 AM
Steps will be taken to strengthen regulations and improve transparency in the permitting process.

March Cold And Dry Across Illinois

04/02/14 08:27 AM
The statewide average temperature in March was 33.8 degrees, 7 degrees below average and the eighth coldest March on record for Illinois.

Murder Suspect To Make Court Appearance

04/02/14 08:21 AM
Sixty-six-year-old John Adams is set to make his first court appearance Wednesday in Franklin County.

Bill Would Let Drivers 'Sign And Go' For Speeding

04/01/14 09:40 AM
Legislation being considered by lawmakers in Springfield would allow drivers to keep their licenses in hand after getting speeding tickets.

The bill is sponsored by Democratic state Sen. Mike Noland of Elgin.

The proposed law would amend the state's vehicle code to let drivers "sign and go" by making a written promise to comply with the terms of the ticket they receive.

EPA Seeks Public Input On IL Carbon-capture Plan

04/01/14 09:31 AM
FutureGen Industrial Alliance wants to capture carbon dioxide from a coal-burning power plant in the Morgan County village of Meredosia, then inject it into underground wells near Jacksonville, about 20 miles to the east.


Durbin, Quinn Push For Minimum Wage Increase

04/01/14 09:28 AM
U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin and Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn have joined labor unions and workers to push for raising the minimum wage.


Field Fires In Southern Illinois Prompt Cautions

04/01/14 09:23 AM
Authorities in Franklin and Williamson counties have been battling field fires recently.

Sesser Woman Tried Sneaking Drugs Into Jail

04/01/14 09:10 AM
Franklin County prosecutors have charged 23-year-old Caitlen Haynes with bringing contraband into a penal institution and possessing a controlled substance. Both are felonies.

Last Push To Enroll Before Obamacare Deadline

03/31/14 10:00 AM
Illinois officials are making a final push to enroll residents in the state's Health Insurance Marketplace.

Hardin, White Counties Tied For Most Concealed Carry Applications

03/31/14 09:49 AM
The Peoria Journal Star reports Hardin and White counties have the highest per-capita number of concealed carry applications.

Lawmakers Propose More Tweaks To Concealed Carry

03/31/14 09:37 AM
Illinois lawmakers have already introduced more than a dozen bills to tweak the state's new concealed carry law, which is less than nine months old.

Replacement Chosen For 43rd District

03/31/14 09:34 AM
Residents in suburban Chicago's 43rd House District have a new state representative.

Property Tax Refund Proposal Draws Scrutiny

03/29/14 08:35 AM
Illinois homeowners could get $500 checks this year under a provision of Gov. Pat Quinn's state budget that he says will ease the burden of an unfair property tax system.

IDNR Official Receives $7,200 For Improper Travel Costs

03/29/14 08:29 AM
An improper mileage reimbursement is the latest in a series of missteps for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources this year.

IDNR Official Receives $7,200 For Improper Travel Costs

03/29/14 08:29 AM
An improper mileage reimbursement is the latest in a series of missteps for the Illinois Department of Natural Resources this year.

State Asks Company For $2 Million Back

03/29/14 08:25 AM
The state government is trying to get $2 million in grant money back from a company that was supposed to be installing high-speed Internet service on Chicago's South Side.

Bobcat Hunting Measure Moves Through House

03/29/14 08:21 AM
Illinois lawmakers have advanced a proposal to allow bobcat hunting for the first time in more than 40 years.

Woman Faces Attempted Murder Charges

03/28/14 10:05 AM
In Saline County, a 19-year-old faces charges of attempted murder.

Murder Trial Pushed Back

03/28/14 10:02 AM
In Franklin County, a judge has pushed trial dates back for two men accused of manslaughter.

Former DMV Worker Convicted Of Official Misconduct

03/28/14 09:54 AM
In Williamson County, a man will see four years behind bars for inappropriate sexual conduct while working for the DMV.

Two Men Sentenced For Liquor Store Burglary

03/28/14 09:43 AM
In Jackson County, two men will spend over a decade in prison for burglary.

Millionaires Tax Moves Through House

03/28/14 09:14 AM
A proposal to impose an additional tax on millionaires is advancing in the Illinois Legislature.

February Countywide Unemployment Numbers Released

03/28/14 08:26 AM
Find out where your county stands as far as unemployment compared to the rest of the state and compared to this time last year.

Quinn Proposes Re-purposing Murphysboro Youth Center

03/28/14 07:30 AM
A juvenile prison closed for cost-cutting reasons may be reopened as an adult lockup for drunk driving offenders if Gov. Pat Quinn has his way.

Quinn Pushes Conservation Initiative

03/28/14 07:26 AM
Gov. Pat Quinn has ordered state facilities to turn off their lights for one hour as part of a global conservation effort.

Police Investigate Pope County Crash

03/27/14 09:23 AM
In Pope County, police are investigating an accident involving 11 injured people, including multiple inmates.

Carbondale Women Face Meth Charges

03/27/14 09:16 AM
In Jackson County, two people face meth charges.

Man Arrested For Home Repair Fraud

03/27/14 08:56 AM
In Franklin County, a man is charged with aggravated home repair fraud.

Governor Proposes Extending Temporary Income Tax

03/27/14 08:51 AM
Gov. Pat Quinn has proposed a $36.8 billion state spending plan that includes more than $300 million extra for education as long as lawmakers make the temporary income tax increase permanent.

Legislation Would Allow Early Release Of Older Prisoners

03/27/14 08:36 AM
Legislation working its way through the Illinois House would allow some prison inmates over the age of 50 to be released early.

"Conversion Therapy" Ban Proposed

03/27/14 08:31 AM
A bill banning so-called conversion therapy aimed at changing the sexual orientation of gay young people is advancing in the Illinois Legislature.

Tondini To Become First Female Marion Police Chief

03/27/14 08:25 AM
Lieutenant Dawn Tondini will take over as Police chief in Marion.

Johnson County Sheriff Candidate Dies

03/26/14 09:18 AM
A candidate for Johnson County Sheriff has died.
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