Madigan Accuses BGA, Shaw Of Bullying

The Speaker of the Illinois House is calling the head of a government watchdog group a bully after a story regarding people circulating petitions for him.

Michael Madigan made the comments in a letter to House Democrats, which was published by the Chicago Sun-Times Wednesday.

Madigan accused the Better Government Association and the organization's director, Andy Shaw, of trying to become a kingmaker and "impugn the Democratic Party."

The comments were made after the BGA and the Sun-Times published a story saying as many as 29 of 30 people circulating petitions for Madigan in 2012 have governmental jobs.

One of those names was Patrick Ward, a man tied to Madigan in a patronage scandal at the Chicago rail agency Metra.

Shaw issued a statement, saying the BGA is a non-partisian group that investigates public officials and policies and recommends reforms.

Other parts of the original Sun-Times article said:

In many case hold jobs for which politics isn’t supposed to be a factor in hiring, including sanitation laborer, plumber, truck driver, cashier and court reporter.

Collectively were being paid roughly $2 million a year in their government jobs as of 2012.

In some instances — Ward, for example — are drawing a government paycheck and a public pension at the same time.

Contributed more than $200,000 altogether to political funds for Madigan or his daughter, Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

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